Colosseum Guide

What is the Colosseum ?

A PvP content which everyone can join into the battle and get the rewards. In which the entrance of the Colosseum lobby will be around the Shrine of Mistra at the south of Ardeca.

Colosseum mode:

  • Battle Royale: Survive PvP mode that requires you to fight with 15 other players in the area to find the last survivor. Collecting Coin to exchange with many Colosseum reward items. Players from both 2 servers can join the battle together (Cross-server).
    • Battle Royale rewards: Rewards may differ depending on the season. Please read and refer to the patch notes for each season.
  • Party ranking: There are two types of party ranking, 2:2 and 5:5. But this mode will be updated in the future. Please wait for an update.

Auto matching system

    • Battle Royale has an auto-matching system which will match players belonging to the same level. Also, the battle will start after 16 players reach.

    Battle Royale

    How to join Battle Royale
    1. Entering Colosseum lobby through the entrance at the south of Ardeca.

    2. Apply for joining at NPC – Leonard in the Colosseum lobby according to your level.

    After you apply for entrance, the circular button in the top-right corner will display B which means you are waiting to enter Battle Royale mode. You can click on the button to see the number of waiting people.

    3. Battle Royale will start after applicants reach 16 people. (Automatically enter after 10 seconds)

    4. Characters will randomly spawn in 16 iron ingots in the area.

     5. Playtime : 2 minutes 30 seconds (each round).

    6. If battle time is over and more than 1 survivor remains, the next round will continue.

    7. The battle will end when only the last survivor is left

    Rewards for Battle Royale participants

    Rank 1 : Get 3 Coin

    Rank 2 – 16 : Get 1 Coin

    * Notes :

    • You will get Coin immediately after being killed by other players or if you’re the last survivor, you’ll get immediately after the battle ends.
    • If your inventory is full, you cannot get Coin from the battle.
    • If you quit the game before your character is killed, you will not get any Coin.
    • Coin will not be removed from your character after the event ends.
    • HP recovery potion, MP recovery potion and buff items can be used during the battle.
    • After being killed, it cannot be revived (cannot use both revive skill and revive items).
    • When the battle starts, all players will get Death Sentence debuff (This debuff will cause your character to die when the battle time is over and you cannot go to the next round)
    • You can remove Death Sentence debuff by killing other players (When the battle time is over, your character will not die and you can go to the next round)
    • When there is a player die, the Crystal will be spawned. Everyone can destroy Crystal and get Blessing of the Dead buff which will random 1 of 4 useful buffs and apply to your character.
    • After battle time is over and all players still have Death Sentence debuff, all players will die and the battle will end immediately (Everyone will get 1 Coin)
    • After battle time is over, if there is only 1 player without Death Sentence debuff. Round 1 battle will end immediately (Those without debuff will win and get 3 Coin)
    • After battle time is over, if there are more than 1 players without Death Sentence debuff. The next round of the remaining players will begin after 3 seconds.
    • In case of there’re only 2 players left and they have the same points. The next round will begin after 3 seconds.
      • For next round of this case, if one of them die, the battle will end and the winner will get 3 Coin and the loser will get 1 Coin
      • But if both of them survive until the time is over, both will get only 1 Coin.