DK Point System

And another system that we added in this Action 3 which is Crespo Abyss and DK Point (Rank point) system. Therefore, we will introduce some of DK Point to you guys how to get it and what you will get from this point system.

Rank and Rank point

You can check your character rank by pressing C. Also, you can check your rank point in [Info] tab.

Each rank increases, you will get additional max Shield, 3 stat points and 1 skill points. Moreover, your rank will be shown on the character’s head and everyone can see it.

How to get DK Point (Rank point)

Currently, there are 3 ways to get Rank points, which are

  • Karon’s Fragment dungeon

        After completing a Karon’s Fragment dungeon, you will get Rank points.

  • Some quests in the Crespo Abyss map

        You can collect Rank points by completing some quests in the Crespo Abyss map.

  • Rank up coin

You can exchange Rank up coins to Rank point at NPC Karin.

DK Square

For DK Square, it hasn’t been updated in this patch. Please wait for our official announcement or update later.