DK Square Guide

Free PK system that all participants will be randomly divided into 2 sides which are Red and Blue. Both need to fight and collect points by killing enemies, completing missions and destroying enemy’s Guardian Stone and occupying Sun Guardian Stone

Joining DK Square

1. Players can enter DK Square Lobby by clicking on  DK Square icon on the top left corner or talk to NPC – Spaceman

2. When participants in a lobby reach 10, the system will bring you to battlefield automatically

3. Only appropriate rank with your character level will be shown in the lobby.

4. If there’s a lobby with less than 20 players, you cannot create a new lobby.

5. If the battle has already begun, the next participant cannot enter alone. (at least 2 people apply, so they can enter that lobby battlefield)

DK Square Rank

DK Square Schedule

DK Square Battle Details

  • After entering the battlefield, players will be divided into red and blue sides randomly.
  • Character appearance will be changed to red and blue costumes. (costume,weapon,wing)
  • All pet names will be invisible.
  • After entering the battlefield, there’ll be 3 minutes to prepare and you can get buff and mission through “Field Commander” at your own base.
  • After preparation time is over, NPC – Warp Stone will be available for all players to warp to the battlefield immediately (when you warp to the battlefield, you’ll get “immortal” status for 3 minutes and moving speed +100% for 30 minutes.)

Conditions to win

1. If one side occupies the Sun Guardian Stone completely, that side will win.

2. If no side occupies Sun Guardian Stone within 20 minutes, the side with more battle points + mission points will win.

3. If points are tied, both sides will be fined as losing.

*Battle point: Rank points earned when killing enemies

*Mission point: Rank points earned when destroying enemy’s Guardian Stone

Receiving Rank Points


 1. Kill enemies (Earned rank points will be based on the difference between yours and enemy’s Honor status)

2. Destroy enemy’s Guardian Stone

*Enemy’s Guardian Stone is rebuilt every 4 minutes after being destroyed.

*Enemy’s Guardian Stone that is rebuilt after the 3rd destruction onwards won’t give Rank points.


     3. Defeat monsters in the center (Deserter)

*Monsters in the center (Deserter) will appear on the battlefield 4 minutes after starting.

*Monsters in the center (Deserter) won’t give Battle points


     4. Defeat Boss monsters

*Boss is respawn every 7 minutes after being killed.

*Quest monsters won’t give Rank points

Sun Guardian Stone

Ricketts/Miseria Guardian Stone

Earth Spirit (Boss)

* There’s a chance to get Z Coin and Rank Up Coin

Mutant plant (Boss)

* There’s a chance to get Z Coin and Rank Up Coin

Monsters in the center (Deserter)

Quest monsters

*Quest monsters won’t give rank points

Buff effect

1. A buff that can be obtained when killing enemies continuously.

*After resurrect, constant kills will be reset.

*After DK Square ends, constant kills will be reset.

*When Destroyer or Conqueror appears, “Miseria/Rickets Army Destroyer/Conqueror Appeared” message will appear

2. MAX HP +30% and Skill cooldown reduction 5% (When defeat Mutant Plants)

  • Blessing of Madness : PVP Attack +40% , Skill cooldown reduction 5% (When defeat Earth Spirits)

*When someone defeats the boss, all players on his side will also receive buffs. 

  1. Egutt Stone (personal buff : valid for 3 minutes)
  • Energy of Flame : PVP Attack +10%
  • Energy of Water : MAX HP +10%
  • Energy of Wind : Skill cooldown reduction 10%

*When destroying Buff Stone, it will randomly get one of the buffs above.

DK Square Note

    • If killed in battle and not resurrected within 1 minute, you will be forced to leave the field immediately.
    • If you don’t leave the base within 3 minutes after the battle starts, you will be forced to leave the field immediately.
    • When you are forced to leave the field or do anything that your character exits from the DK Square map, Battlefield excitement debuff will be applied.(Character cannot join DK Square for 20 minutes. Debuff time decreases only when online.)
    • When all characters in the team are disconnected, the opponent will win immediately.
    • In battlefield, you cannot use trading,open personal shop, add friends, invite Guild,ฺ Blacklist and discard items.
    • When the Participation rank is higher than the star level, the Sun Guardian Stone can be occupied (3 minutes taking time).
    • Battle : Kill enemies score (gain immediately after killing)
    • Mission : Destroy Guardian Stone (gain immediately after destroying Guardian Stone)
    • Bonus : Bonus points based on participation (gain after war ends)
    • Total : Sum of 3 scores above

    Bonus Calculation

    Participation rank = Battle score (Kill enemy) + Mission score (Destroy Guardian Stone)

    Bonus = Participation Rate x Win/Loss Bonus


    Finding Exchange Items:

    • Z Coin : received from DK Square quests, drop from bosses in DK Square
    • C Coin : drop from all monsters and dungeons (except: Deadfront, Mordo Rumble)
    • DK Guardian’s Token (Mark of DK Guardian) : received from DK Square quests

    Reward Exchange NPC:

    • Z Coin : NPC Brand(Z coin exchange) in Ardeca
    • C Coin : NPC Hugh, Lynn, Mike(DK Armor trader) and NPC Rho(DK Point Trader) in Ardeca
    • DK Guardian’s Token : NPC More(DK token exchange) in Ardeca
    Posted on: May 31, 2022