[Guide] Meister Skill System

Meister Skill is another system. To help develop the character to be stronger. Creed X can choose a type of Meister skill. The type of Meister skill will unlock 5 levels of max level basic skill and a new skill.

How to unlock Meister Skill

  • Lv 170+


First step : Go to Mitera map, talk with NPC Meister Gniard and do the quest “Treasure of Meister”.

Second step : Kill monster in Mitera for quest item 100 ea and return to NPC Meister Gniard.

Third step : Do the quest “Meister test” at NPC Meister Gniard, a quest will send Creed X in to dungeon by talk with NPC Dozen Akato near NPC Meister Gniard.

Fourth step : In dungeon talk with NPC Regina to start a test, destroy all boss monster in the past inside dungeon, when finish dungeon Creed X can send the quest with NPC Meister Gniard.

Fifth step : Do the quest “Awakening Meister – …….”, Creed X will choose type of Meister skill in this quest.

    • Example : Segnale has 2 types of group skill : Healing Hands and Crimson Empress.
    • Creed X can choose 1 type of group skill to kill monsters until expert.
    • Be careful when collecting point skill in quest until expert 1 type, the quest will finish and cannot choose another type. *Please read carefully in quest detail, before using skill to collect expert points.

Finale step : After sent quest, your character skill will be reset, unlock Meister skill, and can upgrade skill with unlocking by Mester skill more than before 5 levels. 

Example Meister Skill : Segnale – Healing Hands

Example skill table of Segnale : Healing Hands can upgrade skill more than before 5 levels.

How to learn skill of Meister Skill

After unlocking Meister skill, Creed X will get new skill level 1 in Meister skill but some skill has a condition to get a skill, the skill will get when leveling of character higher than condition or needs a Meister Skill Book to learn.

How to upgrade skill of Meister Skill

Creed X can upgrade level skill of Meister skill at NPC Meister Gniard

Skill book of Meister skill need to use to upgrade skill

(Example of Skill book of Meister : Segnale – Healing Hands)

  • Meister Skill about movement
  • Meister skill no. 1, 2, 3
  • Chosen Meister skill for upgrade (need skill book)
  • A skill book
  • An Enhancement item

Table of success rate to upgrade Meister skill

How to get Meister skill book

  1. Boss in Dungeon  (Karon Brazier / Ruin of Baz / Rudny’s Ruin / Elonohm)
  2. Collect Gniar’s Stolen Scrolls at NPC Dasakato(Dozen Akato)

        *Get by Gniar’s Stolen Scrolls disassembling the skill book (NPC Carmen)

     3. Deca Shop

Table of type and number of Meister skill