[Guide] Mitera Map Event

Mitera map (lv170+)

Mitera map is a map for high-level Creed X like to farm level and item, Mitera map has an important dungeon and event for fun and good items.

Event in Mitera map

1. Golden Time

  • All monsters in Mitera map have a chance to drop an item First Time Stone [Start](Limited time).
  • After getting an item at NPC Torah will have a new quest “Golden Time (1)”.
  • Golden Time quest has 10 quests.
  • “Golden Time (10)” has a special reward “Shining Rune of Siege 7 Day”.


  • If “give up” quest, will lose all quest, but can find an item to do a new quest.
  • An item “Time Stone” is automatically destroyed after a certain period of time, and the quest is completed before the item is destroyed.

2. Red Hole

  • Each time a monster is killed within the Mitera map, Red Hole’s Energy will be accumulated over time (all players will see the same).
  • When the 3rd light of Red Hole’s Energy is flashing, Creed X will get announce “Red Hole will appear in Mitera after 5 minutes”, and after that around the Red Hole full of infected monsters.
  • Creed X must work together to eliminate these infected monsters before they become too many until the Red Hole explodes and ends the event.
  • If Creed X cooperate to defeat the infected monster, Mitera’s boss “Tariq” will be summoned to the top left Red Hole of the map.
  • Defeat Tariq to receive buffs for everyone in the Mitera map and other items.