Siege War

Siege War

Siege War is a PvP content that every guild can participate in during the Siege time. Each guild in the castle map has to fight with each other. And only one guild will be the winner and occupy the castle. You can see all operations, conditions, and functions guide below.

Siege Time

Date : Sunday

Time : 21.00 – 22.00 (GMT+7)

Channel : 2 (PK)

Entrance condition : All guild characters can enter

Participants : Up to 300 people for each castle

Castle entrance : There are 3 castles to choose from

Imperial Castle : Ardeca (Coordinates 470:300)

Golden Castle : Deadlands (Coordinates 30:370)

Conbelton Castle : Requies Beach (Coordinates 205:490)

Siege War Operations

     Siege War will divide players into attackers and defenders. Attacker is every participating guild that hopes to destroy Mineral and win the castle. Defender is the current castle-owned guild that has to protect Mineral of castle by blocking and eliminating attacker guilds.

  1. At the start of Siege, guild characters can enter the castle.
  2. All areas in the castle are Free PK in which you can attack others except guild members. Also, all guilds have to destroy the castle gate to enter inside of the castle and destroy Guardian Mineral.
  3. When Guardian Mineral is destroyed. The guild that destroyed the minerals has the authority of Mercury guild (Castle owner) and has rights to maintain the castle for 2 minutes for deploying guards and strengthening the gate.
  4. Other guilds will be forced to the Ardeca village and will be able to enter the castle after 2 minutes.
  5. The battles will continue in order 1-4 above until the end of the war. And at the end, the guild that is currently in possession of the castle will win that castle immediately.


  • Mineral will receive only 1 fixed damage and has Max HP 5,000
  • When the player is in the castle, the player can give buff, revive, and invite a party to all players within the same guild.
  • Players can eliminate everyone, including other guilds in your Alliance.
  • If you revive yourself while is in castle, your character will move to Ardeca (Regardless of any castle)

Mercury Guild Functions

Strengthen Gate

  • Gates will receive only 1 fixed damage, has default HP 1,500 and Max HP 3,000 after strengthening
  • Only guild leader of Mercury guild can strengthen the gate at NPC Lorenzo before Siege starts or during Mercury waiting time.
  • Gates can be strengthened up to 5 levels.

Deploy Guards

  • Guards has Max HP 4,400,000 – 6,600,000 depending on guard type
  • Only the guild leader of Mercury guild can deploy guards at NPC Lorenzo before Siege starts or during Mercury waiting time.
  • There are 6 types of guards to choose from.
  • Up to 100 guards can be deployed.
  • Cost of deploying guards is 100,000 DIL / guard
  • Zoom in/out minimap with the mouse wheel button.

Mercury Skill Use

  • Mercury Skill Use can only be used by the owner-castle guild.
  • It can be used at NPC Lorenzo anytime (before Siege, during Mercury waiting time, and during the Siege battle)
  • Mercury Skill : Guardian
    • Effect : All Guild member stats improved
    • Req. Guild Level : 10
    • DIL cost : 10,000,000
    • Cooldown : 10 minutes
    • Duration : 3 minutes
  • Mercury Skill : Power
    • Effect : Reduce movespeed of all characters except Guild members
    • Req. Guild Level : 12
    • DIL cost : 30,000,000
    • Cooldown : 15 minutes
    • Duration : 15 seconds
  • Mercury Skill : Domination
    • Effect : All characters cannot move except Guild members
    • Req. Guild Level : 15
    • DIL cost : 50,000,000
    • Cooldown : 15 minutes
    • Duration : 10 seconds


  • Move the inside of the castle by selecting the menu to Lorenzo NPC.
  • All Mercury Guild members can use teleport anytime, before or after Siege starts.

Winner Rewards

For the winning guilds that occupy the guild at the Siege time end will get tons of special rewards !

  • The guild mark of winner guilds will be shown at the flag.
  • Only guild leader can enter treasure room (through NPC Lorenzo)
    • Treasure chest will appear after Siege war ends.
    • Treasure chest will disappear after opening or next Siege War start
  • Can get tax at NPC Lorenzo in each castle.
    • Tax will be paid partially for the 5% reduction from the costs incurred when users transact items at the brokerage.
    • Don’t for get to receive all taxes before the next Siege begins.
  • Imperial Castle  (Ardeca) Rewards (Random)
  • Golden Castle (Deadlands) Rewards (Random)
  • Conbelton Castle (Requies Beach) Rewards (Random)


  • Token obtained from 3 castles can be collected and exchanged with some ultimate ring.
  • The content related to the above 3 tokens will be updated in the future. Please stay tuned for updates.