Date : 19/11/2022-

D-Shop items have been organized and priced accurately.
Costumes can be found in either the Male Tab or / Female Tab.
Potions on Dark Wizzard / Incar Magician that caused the HP bug is now fixed.
Moonlight Armlet & Belts – LVL Req are changed.
Item socket price slightly decreased.
Item reinforcement prices slightly decreased.
The fishing Rod automatic is now working.
Mount spawn time reduced to one second.
Hormone Amulet – Price Changed to 45 Obsidians.

Abbys [ 115 + ] Boss’s Damage & HP & Defense Decreased.

Shadow Shield Monsters Damage & HP & Defense Decreased.

Concerra & Summoner Pets – level 1 pet is now doing damage.


Acquirai Ruins – Monster drops have been increased
Park Map – Thunderbulls renamed to Treguard.
Braiken Castle – NPC’s redesigned and added more.
Treasure of Crespo: return point changed to outside.
Braiken Castle – Training Statues are now available.
Big Park – PK is now available.


Upgrading Rates are available at Blacksmith’s NPC.
Skills reset to everyone.
Ranks no longer give as many skill points as it was.
Battle Pass System – New Rewards Added.
EXP Requirement curved up after level 145.

Date : 10/11/2022-

– Norak-Cave number message is fixed.
– Re-Shield in each square of Braiken Castle.
– EXP in the party is now achievable in Park Map.
– Dead-Front maps of rabble, fear, and baron, can be purchased.
– The Python Castle map has been changed. [Quests can be done]
– Prices of sockets adjusted
– Added class names to each wing on the box.
– Drop rate slightly decreased
– Battle-Pass rewards upgraded [ Level up to discover ]
– D-Shop is now working.
– Trans-Up required level changed.
– Pet of Summoner and Concerra are now working.
– Dark wizard is now guardable.
– Deux Marble – Damage Nerfed
– Treasure of Crespo Monsters – Damage Nerfed
– Shadow Shield Monsters – Damage Nerfed
– Argates bug – stack and fortify working properly.
– Commission Quest LVL 74 at Park – monster changed to Thunderbulls
– New machine to provide better game performance
– Referral System is now working [ check referral system channel ]
– The character you refer to needs to reach level 120