While humans were being killed by the monsters of the Abyss, a group of heroes gathered together to consider the future of their race.
Knowing that an outright victory was not possible, they devised a plan to preserve what was left of the human population.
They would build a city unlike any ever seen – a city built beneath the steepest slopes of a valley with unmatched natural protection.
It was called “Creed”.
The heroes knew that the protection of the mountain passes would not alone be sufficient, so they designed a series of confusing mazes and various magic squares that would make it nearly impossible for the monsters of the Lower Bound to pass through unharmed.
This city was to be the last refuge of the human race, and its place to begin the recovery, the return to dominance, strength, and power.
Driven by fear and horror, the survivors erected the fabled city in only a few years of incredible sacrifice.
They were able to hold the mountain passes against the rampaging monsters, who lacked a clear plan of attack with their leader once again sealed away.
As the human population streamed into the Creed, the monsters turned upon themselves, and a new balance began to take shape in the world.
The monsters no longer hunted in hordes, but in smaller, disorganized bands.
The people, safe within the new city, called Arcana – the Ark of the Creed – grew strong once again, and their knowledge of weapons and magic also increased.
Gradually, they began to regain the lands and beat back the monsters.
Eventually, as the human population once again began to thrive in the land of Trieste, the wisest among the humans sealed Arcana – the last refuge of their people – for a time in the future when it might be needed again.